Advantages to HIPAA

Four Advantages to HIPAA Compliant Messaging Applications
There is a great need to improve the communication that occurs thjkhlbetween professionals in healthcare, and the benefits are enormous. However, the healthcare industry has been moving slowly to adopt messaging platforms because of the increase of risk that comes with it. Regardless of this, it is time to choose HIPAA compliant messaging to ensure effective and efficient services for patients. Here are the top four reasons why it is important to adopt this platform across the nation for the best possible care. In order to find out more information follow the link

1. Reliability

The healthcare industry relies on the influx of data to diagnose any illness or to offer treatment to a patient that is in pain. This means that there is a constant need to have that data at our fingertips, with no downtime between needing the data and having it in your hands. Messaging applications help to greatly improve the reliability of data transfer in more than one way. These systems are not only reliant on Wi-Fi access, and provide an additional measure if there is a phone or email outage that makes record requests impossible.

2. Alignment

It can be difficult to make sure that everyone on the staff is on the same page, but technology will make it far easier. Messaging applications can offer mobile alert abilities, provide file sharing, allow video and image streaming, integrate online electronic medical records, and project management solutions to the entire. Having a mobile application that offers many solutions helps to keep the team aligned with the purpose.

3. Speed

Speed is necessary for most medical professionals, especially those who work in the Emergency Room. It can be difficult to get a moment to relax and check important emails, which can cause a host of problems. Studies have shown that it takes an average of ninety minutes for an email to be read, while a text message can be read in 90 seconds. Having HIPAA compliant messaging ensures that health care professionals will have access to the individual they need when they need it.

4. Accessibility

Research has shown that when a patient calls an answering service, 95% of the message is not relayed in their medical records. This is a disaster waiting to happen. While accessibility has slowly been growing with pagers and provider-owned phones, there continues to be a gap that needs to be addressed. HIPAA compliant messaging offers a platform for providers to access this information no matter where they are at.

In short, it is important for health care providers to be able to provide fast, safe, and efficient health care to the public and HIPAA compliant messaging makes this easier. In a world where every second counts, having an application to access the information you need may be the difference between life and death.