Many small businesses think the only way to get a loan is from a bank, but there are a number of ways to acquire loans aside from applying for one at a bank.

You can try to get emergency loans from a company that you know and that will offer the best conditions on the market. Before you try to get a loan from a bank, the first obvious place to try to get a loan is from your friends and family, often times our friends and family want to see us succeed, and therefore would be more than happy to help fund us in our pursuant of our dreams. Friends and families are also more likely to be willing to wait before trying to collect on the loan and will be more likely to have a sympathetic ear to any issue that the business might undergo which could result in the inability to pay off a loan. So, before you try to get that expensive loan from the bank with the double digit interest rates, you might want to try giving your mom a call to see if she can help you out.